The city of Kota is located on the banks of the Chambal River, making it a popular tourist destination in Rajasthan. Regardless of whether you are a history buff, a peace seeker or a nature lover, Kota will captivate you with its charm. To the delight of every traveler, it is home to historic monuments, scenic attractions and ancient temples.

While you book your hotels in Kota and flights to Kota’s nearest airport in Jaipur, let’s talk about sightseeing. In order for you to see the most popular attractions of Kota, you need to know what they are! We have compiled a list of the top 14 Kota Tourist Attractions.

Best Time To Visit Kota 

As the temperature drops to 12 – 27 degrees Celsius in the winter, Kota is an ideal place to visit from October to March. The region of Rajasthan with Kota has a semi-arid climate, which is why the temperature is high throughout the year. Kota’s summer is a dry season, making it difficult to explore the best places to see. During the monsoon season, downpours relieve the heat, followed by the winter months, when sightseeing is more enjoyable.

Explore the Enchanting Kota Tourist Attractions

1. Kota Barrage

Kota Barrage, a historical dam, sits on the river Chambal in Kota and is a popular spot for visitors. This serene location offers enchanting vistas of the captivating river and lush greenery. The delightful chirping of birds and sound of the rushing waters make for an unforgettable experience. As the gates open, the bewildering sight of water gushing out adds to its charm. During the rainy season, this area exudes tranquility. Its adorable views also make it an ideal spot for taking selfies.

2. Seven Wonder Park

Located in Kota, just 5.7 km away, this brand-new urban park is the ultimate destination to catch a glimpse of all seven wonders of the world. This popular tourist spot, designed by the city’s urban renewal agency at a cost of 20 crores, boasts miniature versions of the Great Pyramid, Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower and three other architectural marvels. Situated on the shore of Kishore Sagar Lake, this scenic location adds to its charm. Families and friends often come here for picnics and fun-filled outings.

Visitors are welcome to capture their joyful moments with cameras allowed in the park. Additionally, convenient facilities such as lockers and restrooms are available, along with food stands offering delectable treats at reasonable prices. The park truly comes alive in the evening with its picturesque surroundings. Easily accessible from all parts of the city, it is situated in close proximity to Kishore Sagar Lake itself. Auto-rickshaws and taxis are recommended modes of transportation for a hassle-free journey.

3. Jag Mandir Palace

Located in the picturesque Kishore Sagar Lake in Kota, Jag Mandir Palace is truly a sight to behold. Made of red sandstone, it is rightfully known as the queen of Kota. To reach this enchanting palace, a boat ride on the lake is necessary, which we assure you is a memorable experience. Once you arrive, take your time to discover the palace and its surroundings. And don’t miss out on seeing the palace illuminated at night – it becomes even more magical.

4. Chambal Riverfront

Chambal Riverfront is one of the most popular places to visit in Kota. You can enjoy folk dances, musical fountains, puppet shows and many other activities here.

5. Kishore Sagar

Kishore Sagar, an ancient man-made lake, is a must-visit destination in Kota due to its picturesque setting. Originally built in the mid 14th century by prince Dehra Deh of Bundi, it boasts a ravishing water fountain and offers boat rides on its tranquil waters. Surrounding the lake are various street food vendors and eateries, making it a great spot for a quick bite. At night, the vibrant atmosphere and dazzling lights create a perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll around the lake. It is truly a wonderful place to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature.

6. Gaipernath Waterfall

In Kota, this waterfall is certainly one of the best places to visit, especially for nature lovers. Surrounded by lush greenery, chirping birds, and a pleasant atmosphere, this place is a perfect escape from the city. If you want to witness this waterfall in its full glory, we recommend visiting it during the monsoons. Take a dip in the freshwater pool below the waterfall or simply sit back and relax in the picturesque surroundings.

7. Chambal Garden

Located in Kota, this popular and stunning garden is a must-see for travellers seeking a tranquil escape from the bustling city life. With its scenic river and lush foliage, it offers a dreamy backdrop for visitors to relax and unwind. You can stroll along the walkway surrounded by colorful flowers, bushes, and trees, while enjoying a lovely picnic with your loved ones. Don’t miss the chance to spot gharials in the nearby pond.

This picturesque paradise is an ideal destination for a day trip as every corner is adorned with beautiful vegetation. Getting to Chambal Garden is convenient, as it can be easily accessed by road through various modes of public transportation such as interstate buses, auto-rickshaws, or cycle rickshaws. Visitors also have the option of hiring taxis or driving their own vehicles.

8. Godavari Dham Temple

Located on the Chambal River in Dadabri, Kota, Godavari Dham Temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The temple also houses idols of several gods, such as Lord Bhairav, Ganpati, and Shiva. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, you must visit this temple for a special aarti in the morning and midnight. You should include this place on your list of places to see in Kota as it is visited by hundreds of religious people.

9. Garadia Mahadev Temple

Garadiya Mahadev, a popular tourist spot in Kota, is renowned for its breathtaking views of the Chambal River. It offers a picturesque setting for photo shoots and picnics, making it a must-visit destination near Kota. The highlight of this small shiva temple is its location on a rocky cliff next to the river gorge. The surrounding area boasts stunning rock formations and waterfalls. Just a few steps away from the temple, visitors can find a viewpoint that showcases panoramic views of the river and its gorge, making it the most scenic spot in Kota. The sight of the magnificent Chambal River flowing through the lush greenery is truly indescribable.

10. Raniji Ki Baoli

Located near Kota in Bundi is the famous Raniji Ki Baoli, a historic baoli renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship. Constructed by the Rajput community, it boasts a narrow entrance supported by four sturdy pillars and a thin, arched platform. Descending down a set of steps, visitors will enter a structure that combines elements of a well, temple, and palace. However, there is currently limited water within the baoli. This site holds great significance in the cultural and historical landscape of the city. Situated approximately 36 kilometres from Bundi, tourists can easily reach Raniji Ki Baoli via public transportation or private cab which typically takes an hour to arrive at this destination.

11. Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary

Searching for a spot to satisfy your appetite for wildlife adventures? Then make sure to add Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary to your list of must-visit places near Kota. Once frequented by the royals for hunting, this territory has transformed into a haven for nature lovers and wildlife aficionados. Immerse yourself in trekking through lush forests and embarking on thrilling wildlife safaris. Be on the lookout for various creatures, such as sambar deer, elks, and Asiatic elephants. Encompassing 250 sq km, Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary is guaranteed to leave you enthralled.

12. Abheda Mahal

In Kota, there is a grand palace called the Abheda Mahal, which was constructed by Maharaja Ummed Singh during the 18th century. Nowadays, it is a popular tourist spot. This magnificent palace houses a vast array of treasures, including miniature paintings, suits of armor, royal garments, frescoes, and other priceless artworks. Behind the palace lies a unique pond where visitors can catch a glimpse of turtles and beautiful lotus flowers.

According to legend, this pond used to be home to crocodiles in ancient times. Inside the palace, you can explore spacious rooms, regal chambers, lengthy hallways adorned with arched pillars and vintage decor. The wall paintings are known for their vibrant colors and depict flora and fauna as well as important cultural themes. There are also two bathing ghats that were once exclusively used by the royal women for bathing.

13. City Palace

Also known as Kota Garh, the City Palace is a top tourist destination in Kota. This grand monument serves as a testament to Kota’s royal history and stands as one of the city’s most well-preserved structures. With a beautiful fusion of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture, the palace boasts exquisite interiors adorned with intricate decorations and antique artwork. From wall art to ceiling mirrorwork, marble tiles to floral designs, chandeliers to crystal embellishments, every detail is simply breathtaking. Additionally, the museum showcases an impressive collection of weapons, royal attire, handicrafts, and other priceless relics from the past.

14. Safari on the Chambal River

Kota’s Chambal River is one of the best places to visit, and a boat safari in it is a thrilling experience. During this Chambal River Safari tour, you will be able to spot so many aquatic creatures, including crocodiles, turtles, snakes, and gharials lying on the sandbanks and marshes. Birds can also be seen here, such as egrets and skimmers, which are very common. You can see animals at the best spots with the help of a naturalist. Tourists have seen otters, hyenas, and river dolphins here. They have to be spotted using binoculars.