Hey, lovely readers! The longest beach in India is Marina which everyone one of you knows. But, do you know that it is also the second-largest beach in the world? Ohh, you knew it too?

Well, are you aware of the historical and cultural importance of Marina Beach? I’m sure most of you don’t. So, we will look into every aspect of Marina Beach in this article. Are you eager already? Well, dive into the Marina. Oops, I meant into this Marina blog!

Where Exactly Marina Is?

We know that the Marina is in Tamil Nadu’s capital, Chennai. And who doesn’t know Chennai?! It is the medical capital of India, the Detriot of Asia, etc. It is also one of the important cities where IT companies thrive!

Marina Beach is located along the Coromandel coast in the Bay of Bеngal. The beach extends for about 12 kilometers starting from St. George Fort in the north, to Beasant Nagar in the south of Chennai.

If you are someone from another country who wishes to visit Marina Beach, well, it is just around 18 km from the Chennai Airport. You can directly reach Marina with a metro train from the Airport. Moreover, all you need is only 40 to 50 rupees for this!

Marina Beach – Tracking History

Apart from the fact that the Marina is the longest beach in India, it also has a great historical significance. Marina Beach became prominent when Fort St. George was built in the year 1640. There was a harbor as well near the fort.

In the year 1884, Mount Stuart Elphinstone Grant Duff who was the governor of Madras then, felt that the beach was eye-catching and layered the beach.

Later, the beach was called Madras Marina by him after being so impressed by its appearance. It was the time when Marina Beach started becoming a notable spot for the people nearby.

Today, the Marina beach, the longest beach in India, serves as one of the largest tourist spots that attracts people from all over India and other countries. People in Tamil Nadu will never fail to wet their feet at Marina when they visit Chennai!

Marina: The Longest Beach in India

Marina stands as the longest beach in India and runs for about 12 kilometers in Chennai. It is nearly 300 metres wide on average and the widest part of the Marina beach is 473 metres. That’s a huge number and not many beaches have this big width.

The land of Chennai and the Marina whisper tales of eternity, and every grain of sand holds the secrets of time! This beach is not merely long, it’s a bridge between the heartbeats of every Chennaite in the bustling city and the serene pulse of the Bay of Bengal!

World’s Second Longest Beach

If Marina is the second longest beach in the world, then which is the first?! It is the Casino Beach or Praia do Cassino which is located in Brazil along the  South Atlantic Ocean, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

When we compare the Marina, the longest beach in India, and the Casino Beach, The Casino is way longer than the Marina and covers about 212 kilometers. But, when you look at the historical significance, it is the Marina that stands high.

Marina Beach Timings

If you ask me what is the beach timings, well, the beach is open round the clock. However, to have a better experience you can visit Marina Beach around 6 to 8 am in the mornings, and the same time in the evenings.

This time could be the best for getting a fresh, chill breeze at the beach. Imagine walking along the sea waves after a tiring day at the office. Sounds very relaxing right? If you are a sports freak, you can go for a jog along the beach to enjoy the view while you run!

If you are not in Chennai and are planning to visit Marina Beach, I suggest you come in the months from November to February as it could be the best time with pleasant weather. Witness the longest beach in India and cherish your memories!



The Lighthouse at Marina Beach

One of the best attractions of the Marina Beach is the lighthouse. The East Coast Constructions and Industries built it in opened in the year 1977. 

It is a triangular cylindrical concrete structure with a lantern and double gallery, standing 11 stories high. The exact height of the lighthouse is 45.72 meters and the height of the light source is 57 metres.

If you wish to see this lighthouse, you can visit on the weekdays and weekends except on Mondays. They charge only about Rs. 10 for Indians, Rs. 5 for children, Rs. 25 for foreigners, and Rs. 20 for cameras!

Marina Beach at Night

What’s so special about Marina in the night?! Well, it is the time that the beach gets beautified with all the lighting and the peaceful breeze. Moreover, there would be so many street shops where you can have food, snacks, or buy handmadе crafts, etc.

Marina Beach, the longest beach in India,  bathed in the moon’s silver glow, transforms into a magical realm after dusk. As the sun retreats beyond the horizon, the waves whisper secrets to the sands, and the salty breeze dances with your hair. Here, time slows, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

Other Longest Beaches in India

If you are a person who can’t afford to visit Marina, why not try other prominent beaches in India?! Yes, apart from the Marina beach, there are ten other longest beaches in India that are as beautiful as the Marina in Chennai. Let’s see what are those beaches!

1. Colva Beach


Aspect Details
Location South Goa
Length Approximately 2.4 km
Areas Covered Extends from Bogmalo to Cabo de Rama
Specialty Known for its powdery white sands and shacks
Historical Significance History of Portuguese influence

2. Muzhappilangad Beach

Aspect Details
Location About 7 km from Thalassery in Kannur
Length 4 km stretch
Areas Covered Part of the Malabar Coast
Specialty Kerala’s only drive-in beach
Historical Significance Culturally rich Malabar region

3. Ramakrishna Beach – Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

Aspect Details
Location Beach Road, Visakhapatnam
Length 3.7 km
Areas Covered East coast of Bay of Bengal
Specialty Named after the nearby Ramakrishna Mission ashram
Historical Significance Lighthouse guiding ships for decades

4. Kaup Beach – Udupi, Karnataka, India

Aspect Details
Location Coastal Karnataka
Length Long sandy shoreline
Areas Covered Panoramic views of the Arabian Sea
Specialty Famous for its lighthouse
Historical Significance The lighthouse dates back to 1901

5. Ganpatipule Beach – Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India

Aspect Details
Location Ratnagiri district
Length Not specified
Areas Covered Near the Ganpatipule Temple
Specialty Known for water sports and religious significance
Historical Significance Centuries-old pilgrimage site

6. Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach – Junagadh, Gujarat, India

Aspect Details
Location Near the border of Gujarat and Diu
Length 6 km
Areas Covered Stretches along the Arabian Sea
Specialty Known for water activities and fishing hamlet
Historical Significance Close to historical temples and palaces

7. Radhanagar Beach – Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Aspect Details
Location Havelock Island
Length Vast shoreline
Areas Covered The western coast of the island
Specialty Voted as one of the best beaches in Asia
Historical Significance Natural treasure of the Andamans

8. Swargadwara Beach – Puri, Odisha, India

Aspect Details
Location Puri
Length Not specified
Areas Covered Main Marine Drive of Puri
Specialty Believed to be the gateway to heaven
Historical Significance Associated with Sri Chaitanya dev and Vaishnava cult

9. Digha Beach – Digha, West Bengal, India

Aspect Details
Location Purba Medinipur district
Length 7 km
Areas Covered The northern end of the Bay of Bengal
Specialty Popular sea resort known for its shallow sand beach
Historical Significance History of British influence