Wayanad is not just a typical destination in Kerala, it’s an unparalleled experience. Nestled amidst the breathtaking mountains of the Western Ghats, lush forests and stunning waterfalls in Wayanad holds a special place in the hearts of its visitors. People from all corners of the globe flock to Wayanad seeking tranquility and serenity for a few days. Furthermore, there are numerous enchanting waterfalls nearby that are bound to captivate you. In this post, you will discover the renowned waterfalls situated in this region. Keep this information in mind for your next trip to Wayanad.

Waterfalls in Wayanad

  1. Soochipara Falls

The renowned Soochipara Waterfalls in Wayanad, is a must-see attraction due to its unique three-tier structure. Visitors from around the globe come to witness its natural splendor and enjoy the picturesque surroundings. The lush deciduous forests and visitors alike adorn the area surrounding the falls, offering a stunning view of the neighboring tea estates from above. Some choose to take a refreshing swim in the pond beneath the cascading water, while others opt for a peaceful picnic with loved ones.

With a waterfall that cascades from 200 meters, you will be amazed by the amount of water flowing from such a high altitude. It joins the Chulika river, and if you visit the fall, you will also have to visit the river. Although you will need to walk the last 2 km to reach the waterfall, you can easily reach Vellarimala by renting a car from Kalpetta.

Vellarimala, Kerala 673577.

The distance between Kalpetta and the waterfall is 23 km.

2. Palchuram Waterfalls

Palchuram Waterfalls in Wayanad, is a stunning destination that attracts both domestic and international travelers. Due to its strategic location at the meeting point of Kannur and Wayanad districts, it is easily accessible from various cities within Wayanad. The waterfall boasts a drop of approximately 300 meters, offering a mesmerizing view of cascading water. Many adventurous tourists opt to hike through the dense deciduous forests surrounding the waterfall. However, caution must be taken while trekking as the route may not be entirely safe.

You will be amazed at the natural beauty of the waterfall because Arecanut trees surround the entire area, and that is beautiful scenery. If you visit Wayanad during the monsoons, you will be awestruck by the grandeur of this waterfall. The pond below the waterfall can be explored by swimmers.

3. Chethalayam Waterfalls

Chethalayam waterfalls is a beautiful fall that is located in the Sulthan Bathery area of Wayanad. Due to its location 4 km from any road, many thrill-seekers prefer to trek for that distance to reach the fall. There are many birds, butterflies and other types of animals that inhabit Chethalayam waterfalls, which is surrounded by dense forests of Wayanad. If you’re lucky, you’ll see some of them.

If you visit there, you should take a long walk around the fall or soak your feet in the cold water of it. Be sure to visit the waterfalls during the monsoons, otherwise, you will not be able to see the high volume of water cascading from the falls. As a result, it is best to visit the waterfall between February and September. It is located not that far from Kalpetta. You can get there within two hours if you rent a car from there.

4. Meenmutty Falls

With its height of around 300 feet, Meenmutty Waterfalls in Wayanad is a must-visit for its picturesque beauty and popularity among tourists near Wayanad. Surrounded by lush forests, it is the second-largest waterfall in Kerala and attracts many visitors due to its proximity to the famous Neyyar Reservoir. For an added sense of adventure, consider trekking through the forests to reach this stunning destination.

Moreover, many tourists prefer to camp over there and enjoy the beautiful view of the surroundings by spending some time out there, as it is one of the best places in Kerala to spend some time in tranquillity with your loved ones. In order to witness the fall in all of its glory, you should go from October to May.

5. Kadachikunnu Waterfalls

Located on the Meppadi-Vaduvanchal road, the Kazhikunnu Waterfalls offer a stunning view of nature and are one of the lesser known waterfalls in Wayanad. To reach the majestic foamy streams, you have to trek 2 km from Padivayal.

From the peak point of the falls, you can view the enchanting Nilambur forests where you can take a picnic with your family.

6. Kanthanpara Waterfalls

There is a beautiful waterfall called Kantanpara located in Wayanad just outside the Kalpetta area. Although the waterfall is quite low in height, it makes up for it with the wonderful natural beauty surrounding it. You can visit both the big falls at the same time since this fall is located quite close to the Soochippara waterfall.

In the monsoons, the entire area of the waterfall is surrounded by thick green forests, making it one of the most enthralling experiences in the world. If you would like to explore the area closer, you can go trekking or have a picnic with friends and family.

7. Thusharagiri Waterfalls

You can rejuvenate your mind and body by taking a dip in the cool waters of Thusharagiri Waterfalls in Wayanad . One of the best places to visit in Wayanad in 1 day is Thusharagiri Waterfalls, which means ‘snowcapped mountains’ in the Western Ghats.

It consists of Erattumukku, Mazhavil Chattom, and Thumbithullum Para, a scenic wonder for all adventure enthusiasts. It is dominated by misty mountains and verdant plantations.

It is one of the most romantic places in Wayanad along with being a famous picnic spot for tourists. It provides an exciting trek from Thusharagiri to Vythiri as well as rock climbing opportunities for adrenaline junkies.