Do you want to improve your Mental Health and look for the expert’s recommended best therapy apps? Great, I am here with the 5 best therapy apps. So let’s move to know about them. 

Mental health apps are an easy way to work on your mental health. Mental health apps are not designed to diagnose a condition or replace care with a mental health professional. However, they can support your overall Mental Health

Apps are a better way to get extra support between therapy sessions or office trips, and they can offer continued support after you graduate from therapy. Mental health apps can provide activities, motivation, and other techniques for daily exercise. 

Many types of research and therapy techniques are available to provide evidence-based interventions.


 Moodfit is a free counseling app available on GooglePlay that provides tools and insights to help you “mold” your mood. The app aims to assist you in deciding on a mental state, just as you can choose a physical form.

This app is designed to aid you to feel better, whether you’re struggling to comprehend your feelings better or suffer from depression, anxiety, or high-stress levels. A questionnaire allows you to define the intensity of your signs, and there are many audio and article files available to help you understand what you’re going through.

You can also track your mood with MoodFit. The app gives you practical advice on how to control your mood and improve your mood. Over time, you’ll get a clearer understanding of what triggers your emotions.


This app uses games to boost up your mood. The app permits you to choose games to help you in different areas, including building self-confidence, accelerating your career success, dealing with stress, overcoming negative thoughts, and achieving mindfulness through meditation. Activities were developed with positive psychological techniques and CBT interventions.

The activities are developed by positive psychologists familiar with evidence-based cognitive-therapy interventions.


It is a mood tracking app created specifically for bipolar disorder sufferers. Users can track psychological symptoms, depression, mood swings, and anxiety all over the day, as well as indicate the severity of their symptoms.

They can then visualize their mood swings on a monthly calendar with color codes and even extract monthly summary reports to better understand their fluctuating mode and identify specific triggers.

EMoods assists you in locating your medication so that you and your medical staff can determine whether a prescription plan is effective or requires modification. Users like the app as it allows you to go back a few days later and change your mood if you recall something. It also allows you to track how your symptoms evolve dramatically. 


Talkspace links you with a certified mental health professional. You can get therapy from your digital gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. All Talkspace doctors over 3,000 hours of medical experience and have undergone extensive training in providing online therapy.

You can send text messages, audio, photograph, and video messages at any day or week. Your doctor will answer daily, five days a week. You also have the choice of having a live video session with your doctor.

PTSD Coach:

PTSD Coach can help from self-diagnosis to PTSD support, positive self-talk, and opportunities to deal with anger. The best feature of the app is that you can tailor the tools to your specific needs and preferences, as well as combine your contacts, music, and photos.

Having lived with this app can be devasting and isolating, particularly if support groups or treatments are difficult to come by.

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