Say “goodbye” to the boring plain walls of your home and show some creativity to make your indoor walls look more welcoming and inviting to guests. You don’t need to spend dollars in hiring a professional interior decorator to furbish your room. Yes, you can manage it by staying within your budget by crafting some amazing DIY wall hanging ideas we are going to share with you.

Scroll down to get 5 simple yet elegant DIY wall hanging ideas by which you can make your home walls look dazzling on a budget.

Round Floral Wall Hanging with Greenery

It’s so much fun to try out DIY Wall Decor ideas, and you’ll love how this round floral wall hanging will add a fun pop of color to your indoors. The green touch will give you a refreshing look. Moreover, colorful flowers and art pieces attached to the green base add to the aesthetic touch.

There are many options that you can try with this cool wall-hanging DIY project. Such as, you can display trinkets on the green ring. Another choice you can opt for is the attachment of small antique paintings as well. You can give this hoop the spring look by bright, vibrant colors, while for the fall look, you can use muted colors. You can also make your customized hoop depending upon the material available.

Wooden Floating Shelves

If you love collecting trinkets, and if you’ve ended up hoarding a lot of them, then this would be the best opportunity to use them. You can display these art pieces on small stylish wooden shelves to give a pop to the plain boring wall of your living room. You will be amazed by “how these simple yet elegant wooden shelves have made a big impact on the your house interior design!”

They can be easily designed and installed by using plain wooden boards. You can also utilize them to place important stuff such as keys, violet planner, etc. You can also paint these floating shelves to complement the décor of your room and top it with the display according to the theme of your living room design.

DIY Fabric Wall Hangings

As far as the wall Decor Inspiration goes, it truly does not get as much simpler, easier, and affordable than this DIY fabric cutout wall hanging project. This idea is particularly for you if you want to decorate a large wall but don’t have a big budget and a lot of time to invest in showing creativity. Additionally, everyone will have all the needed items.

To make this DIY fabric hanging, you will need:

  • A Piece of Fabric
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Hand Saw
  • Sewing Machine

Consider framing vintage scarves or another pretty textile. However, you can use plain cloth as well. In the case of plain cloth, it would be a better choice to paint it or to make it more acceptable by writing your favorite motivational quote on it.

Mirror Wall Hangings

A DIY mirror wall hanging is the way to go if you seek an alternative to traditional framed Wall Painting. A mirror reflects light; it helps a small place to look more spacious. You can hang an oversized mirror with ropes or try salon-styled mirror wall art. The incorporation of these mirrors helps combat shorter days and bouncing light around the room decor. With the addition of reflective spark, these mirror hangings make the room look broader.

Frame Art Wall Hangings

Looking for some gallery wall ideas? With a variety of frames, you can display a unique presentation of the Wall art Painting gallery. When picking images to display, consider different factors in mind and choose a variety of family, travel, and portrait-style photos. Select smaller canvas art for narrow walls and bigger canvas art for broad walls.

You can also scan old images and frame them on your walls. This way, you may give them a new life and celebrate your family history. Make sure that the art you hang above a piece of furniture ideas isn’t bigger than the piece of furniture itself. A good thumb rule is that the art should be around 50-75 percent of the width of the piece of furniture.

Tell us which DIY wall hanging idea you like the most. Take the ideas that work best for you and go with them. Covering a bare wall with chic wall décor ideas is a fun task. We’d love to see how you integrate these creative wall art ideas into your home.

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