Beauty, glamour, and making a statement are all important aspects of the fashion business. Almost all popular trends start here. People often spend a lot of money on designer clothes, accessories, shoes, and other items in order to keep up with the newest trends. This is how captivated people are these days with the fashion business and stylish lifestyles. Makeup is another area of the fashion business that has become an essential part of everyone’s life. Makeup is a strong weapon used by both men and women all over the world to enhance their appearance and boost their confidence. Yes, you read that correctly! Men nowadays wear cosmetics to seem more appealing and trendy. Makeup can completely transform your appearance and make you appear more attractive. Let us make this easy for you. We have prepared the list of Best Makeup Brands which can help you.

You put on an outfit with matching shoes and accessories, but your appearance isn’t complete until you select a lip colour and eye makeup that complements your outfit. Flipkart is the best place to buy cosmetics. Flipkart provides a variety of cosmetic goods from various manufacturers on a single platform, allowing you to compare and pick carefully. Here are our top beauty companies, whose items will be available in the forthcoming Flipkart sale.

 Faces Canada

Faces is a Canadian cosmetics company that offers a unique selection of makeup, skin care, and personal care items. Flipkart has a large selection of Faces items ranging from Foundation, Lipstick, and Kajal to Makeup Remover and Nail Polish. Faces Canada is an over 40-year-old Canadian cosmetics brand that sells a range of mid-priced cosmetics in India. The brand has had a history of M&As over the last few years.

Maybelline New York

Maybelline began as a tiny family-owned firm in New York and has now expanded to include a wide range of cosmetics items in nations throughout the world, including India. You can buy a wide range of Maybelline items on Flipkart, including one of their most popular products, ‘Baby Lips’ Lip Balm. Moreover, it is also one of the most affordable brands available. I have been a huge Maybelline fan since I started using makeup. They have been introducing newer and better products every season – and they’re all amazing!


Lakmé, which is owned by Hindustan Unilever Limited, was India’s first cosmetics brand to offer a wide range of beauty and skin care products, as well as professional salon services, and is one of India’s most popular beauty brands. Log on to Flipkart to take advantage of ‘Flipkart Sale Today’ deals on Lakmé items. Lakmé is a beauty brand built around Indian women and its cosmetic products are at par with International standards. It is India’s oldest and most trusted brands that has been testified and acknowledged as a brand delivering reliable and quality products since generations


Auric beauty products are designed to meet a woman’s everyday beauty requirements. Whether you want to draw attention to your eyes, lips, or face, they have the ideal product for you. When you purchase Auric items on Flipkart, you will earn Flipkart coupons and savings.


Oriflame is a Swedish cosmetics firm founded by two brothers. Their goods are inspired by nature and employ natural extracts and ingredients to assure safety and excellence. Oriflame items such as whitening creams, blushes, toners,  lipsticks, and more are available on Flipkart. Today, Oriflame India is amongst the first direct selling brand to complete 25 years in India, which also contributes significantly to the Indian manufacturing sector and the economy at large. More than 70% of the products sold in India are manufactured locally.


Lotus Herbals is an Indian beauty firm that offers natural and scientifically based beauty products. Flipkart sells their line of face, eye, and lip care and beauty goods. Lotus herbal product are very good product for sensitive skin. So use it’s product and see best result for use it. Herbals are not harmful for skin. It’s making product for herbals not use any chemical add so it’s good for skin. 

Its milk enzymes act as natural fairness agents and lightens the skin tone with a visible difference. Lotus don’t use harmful Parabens or harsh Preservatives, our products are gentle and kind to your skin.

 L.A. Girl

L.A. Girl is one of the most reasonably priced high-quality cosmetics brands available in India. With a large selection of foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, and other cosmetics. Their product quality is likewise exceptional. You can now make their stuff your own by utilising CashKaro’s Flipkart coupons. L.A. Girls cosmetics allows you to express yourself creatively.

All of these, find the Best Makeup Brands on Flipkart India.

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