Making a business is one thing and promoting it is another. Window decals help you do exactly that. Window decal ideas are one of the business ideas in the marketing world that can help you expose your motto, inspire others, and also give your customers a fantastic in-store experience.

Window decals can be transparent or solid, and there are many ways to arrange them. They are used for advertising, so it’s best to showcase the products or services you’re offering. Both illustrations and text could be used for this purpose – there are multiple ways for the design to work. The arrangement also matters, especially if you have tangible products set up in a window space.

Now let’s explore 5 marketing and best business ideas for window decals!

1. Add some products or showcase services

What use is good design if your brand identity isn’t a part of it? What products or services do you provide and are there any additional offers? 

While social media marketing is enough, that’s just the online part of it. In the offline world, you can’t go around showing your social handles to random strangers and verbally telling them about your new business ideas in india.

So, use window decals to tell if you’re giving a 50% off, or if you’re having a buy-one-get-one-free offer. Customers need to be aware of any deals along with the services or products related to them, so use logos or a poster representing the items/offerings to support the window decal.

2. Equal distribution on the window

For large stores, haven’t one decal piece isn’t enough. But that doesn’t mean for you to go overboard with covering the windows using one particular design. In such a case, get a set of designs that fall under a specific theme. Make the most out of all the space and use it to tell a story of your brand. This could be horizontally or vertically, whatever would be more comfortable for the viewers. Get creative!

3. Keep simple graphics with a one-liner

While having strong graphics is enough, accompanying it with a one-liner can boost it. Along with the design, think about how you want your customers to see you. 

  • What is the motive of your business? 
  • How do you want your customers to feel?
  • What do you offer that your competitors don’t?
  • What kind of service are you? Are you solving a problem or are you providing entertainment to people? Think about the niche.

Including the slogan of your business could be one way to go about it. Most probably, your logo would already be up on the main board of the store. So it’s best to hire a marketing specialist and graphic designer to come up with viral design business ideas aligned with the above points.

4. Use transparent window decals for minimalism and clear portrayal

Solids can come out as overwhelming to your customers. For smaller spaces, we highly recommend using translucent designs. To take it one step further, you could also add translucency to the windows to assure full privacy. Nobody would be able to get the inner view, which would make the spectators curious about your business and it will also allow the decals to become the focal point – minus the busy background.

Pro-tip: If there is a holiday coming up, make use of transparent decals. They are easy to stick and along with the design,  you could feature any additional services or discounts you’re offering.

5. Add a touch of nature 

You may have a lot of window space if you’re a business owner of tangible products. Whether you’re putting out shoes on display or clothes, in such a scenario, having window decals stuck to the glass could block your presentation. 

So the best way to make things pop is to add a bit of greenery and florals in the background. You can stick up window decals too, but plan margin spaces on either side of the glass to put them up. That way, the view of your products won’t be disturbed and the arrangement would look beautiful too.


Whether you own a coffee store or a clothing shop, the above new business ideas in india work for everyone. Window decals are the most classic way to approach people passing by your best business ideas in india.

To make the most out of them, assure proper distribution across all windows. The arrangement is key, particularly if you have products on display. In that case, keep the window decals in a designated space and use florals and plants in the backdrop to make your window space look beautiful.

Remember not to go overboard with the best business ideas in india above! Let us know which you’re planning to try out for your windows. Good luck!

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