Every technology in the world was invented by human beings taking part directly or indirectly in the entertainment of the people. Nowadays daily life is very serious and entertainment forms a bridge and fills up this gap between relaxed life and modern life.

Many Authors give their views about innovation or discoveries of technologies and their effect on our daily life. Guest Author Michelle Thomas also gives his views about technology. She is a 41 years old blogger from Canada. Her main was to make people aware of the daily life issues they faced in their daily life.

In the future, we don’t know, how these innovations or discoveries in technology shape our entertainment and how we consume our time with these entertainments.

So, now the better question is how technology changes our entertainment instead how technology optimized our entertainment.

To analyze this situation, we should see the Canadian project about the effect of technology on our daily life and entertainment in 2021. In this project, we study about top three industries that take part in our daily life entertainment.

So let us get started!

Video-Sharing Apps

In old times, only studies can produce entertainment by making films, dramas, and TV shows and broadcasting them to the general public in different countries.

Advancement in the internet and innovation in technologies causes the formation of smartphones. YouTube and many video-sharing apps like tiktok and snack videos have come into existence.

On these apps, anyone can share videos of any type and broadcast himself/herself as an upcoming star of any age.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) video industry is a great example of and surprising rise in niche products. This industry helps or encourages people to make new videos and makes them laugh at these videos.

Other niche industries would share videos online. Vlogs, high lights, and dance videos are now very famous due to the advancement of technologies and these make new trends for people in the next generations.

Music and Podcasts

The music and podcast industries get more advancements in the previous years. This industry was launched previous to the video-sharing industries.

Spotify, which is the most using app nowadays, helps you to listen to your favorite music and helps to make your favorite playlist, and provides you with the music of your favorite generic.

In 2020, due to Covid-19, Spotify leaned into the podcast industry and get much advancement. People listen to their favorite music in quarantine which avoid them to take part in many friction-containing activities.

Online Gambling

In previous years, the casino is the platform for gambling and playing games. People spend hours in the casino for their favorite game to start.

Due to covid-19 pandemic conditions, which causes the shutting down of casinos in many countries,  this gives advancements in online gambling. This pandemic situation helps us to see how technology has changed the entertainment industry in gambling. Many Canadian players play online gambling games on 888 casinos in Canada for their gaming needs.

Brick and mortar gambling is greatly substituted by online gambling. The main issue in online gambling is a trust issue. Many older gamblers avoid online gambling but they prefer to visit casinos instead.

Due to pandemic restrictions, many gamblers see the easiness of online gambling and how we can easily play from home without any physical interaction with people. Many online casino games are offered to the players. This is all due to the advancement in technology.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of playing online. There are advantages more than disadvantages. Many table game fans love online gambling due to the ease findings of the seat and open games.

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Advancement and innovation in technology play an important role in the changing of the entertainment environment. After many years, the entertainment industry has changed and will become more advanced with time. This advancement makes our access to enjoyment easier.