Blankets are a great way to add warmth, texture, and color to your living room or den; they look fantastic, draped over the rear of your sofa or nicely placed on the finish of your bed.

That means they’ll come in handy if you’re feeling chilly or need an added layer to keep warm or if you just want to like extra cozy while watching a movie.

Here are the best blankets on the market right now, with a range of prices, shades, and materials to ensemble everyone and every home.

Longwool Sheepskin Throw:

This stunning mink throw is as lovely on the inside as it is on the outside. It may be more expensive, but that is due to the higher quality of the material.

You can also be sure that you’ll be able to use this to keep warm and snug for so many years to come, so it’s a sound investment.

This luxurious deep pile sheepskin throw has an amazing long texture and wonderful drape, making it ideal for layering on the bed and cuddling up on chilly days.

Ultra-Thin Blanket:

If you want to show off your blanket, go for this lush, patterned option that will appear warm and inviting on a couch, chair, or bed. It’s incredibly plush, with ultra-thin, flex wires that keep it comfortable and unbulky. 

The blanket comes in two different colors: cream and grey, and it has five temperature settings, an auto shut-off feature, and a pre-heat option, so you shouldn’t have to sleep in a cold bed. It’s a money saver on your winter energy bill.  In addition, it’s also machine washable, which is a bonus.

MP2 Heated Plush:

This plush throw is so enticing that it’ll probably encourage you to take regular afternoon naps. It’s made of incredibly Sherpa fabric, and soft velour comes in a variety of prints and colors. This heated blanket is also machine washable, has 3 heat settings, and distributes weight evenly without being bulky. 

The auto shut-off feature keeps it from becoming a risk of fire and gives you mental peace, allowing you to sleep soundly at any time of day or night.

Sunbeam Heated Fleece:

Snuggling up in this warm plaid throw transports you to a mountain cabin complete with a hot beverage and a booming fireplace. Choose among three temperature controls, then enjoy steady heat due to technological advances that monitor your and the surrounding room’s temperatures.

Because the controller detaches, you won’t have to think about rolling over it in the middle of the night. It’s also a lot easier to wash the blanket this way. 

The Cloverlane Weighted Blanket:

This natural weighted pillow is made in Portugal with organic cotton to give you a better, more natural night’s sleep. This one-of-a-kind blanket is free of chemicals and dyes, making it healthier for both you and the environment.

It is delivered in a heavy cotton bag, so you can store it when not in use. 

Silentnight Adult Weighted Blanket:

This adult weighted blanket This weighted blanket relaxes the nervous system by giving the mild sensation of someone being hugged, which relieves stress and anxiety while encouraging restful and deep sleep.

Enclosing yourself in a blanket improves your mood by increasing happy hormones while lowering stress hormones, trying to ensure you fall asleep feeling happy and content. 

The blanket comprises thousands of tiny glass beads that provide soothing pressure to your body.

Sable Heated Blanket:

The super-soft fabric of this best comfy blanket will fool you into thinking it’s a high-priced choice, but it’s comparatively cheap. It is made of flannel and has ten heat settings and an auto shut. The vibrant red will instantly add style to any room or make your home appear more expensive.