When deciding on your wedding dress, one of the first things a bridal stylist will ask you is what type of wedding dress shape or silhouette you would like to wear. You may already know what you want your outfit to look like; comfortable and fluffy, curling, hugging, etc.; but knowing how to express your dream dressing style, and working with your stylist can go a long way. 

We’ve compiled a glossary that explains the differences between the eight most popular wedding dress shapes you’ll want to know about, including the best wedding dresses girl clothing trends for your body type and the benefits of each figure.

So let us get started!

  1. Ball gown wedding dress 

If you’re a plus-size bride, consider a ball gown with a bodice and a scoop train. A ball gown with a fitted waist and a full skirt will create a great look. For taller brides, consider a ball gown with a fitted bra and fitted dress. 

  1. Mermaid wedding dress

A mermaid wedding dress is a perfect choice for a fairytale wedding. A mermaid’s wedding dress is adorned with colorful shells and pearls and is made of luxurious fabrics such as silk and satin. Mermaid wedding dresses girl clothing trends are fitted and flattering and are perfect for any bride who wants to feel like a mermaid.

  1. Trumpet wedding dress

When planning your trumpet wedding dress, you’ll want to pay special attention to your torso shape and waistline. The trumpet wedding dress should be snug and fitted to embrace your personality in all the right places. However, the trumpet wedding dress is ideal if you are looking for a simple and elegant wedding dress.

  1. Sheath wedding dress

There are endless style options when it comes to sheath wedding dresses. As the name suggests, these dressing style are cut just below the waist, with a long flowing skirt that falls to the floor. They are perfect for summer weddings, as the natural light will give them a nice glow. Sheath wedding dresses are also famous for special occasions, such as formal balls or romantic dinners.

  1. A-line wedding dress

A-line wedding dresses are often considered more beautiful than traditional wedding dresses. This wedding dress has a fitted bra that reaches down the skirt to the ground. The skirt can be straight or curved and decorated with different patterns and colors. A-line wedding dresses are often considered more comfortable than traditional ones because they conform to the hips.

  1. Tea-length wedding dress

For many brides, the dream wedding gown is a tea-length wedding dress. This type of gown is usually floor length but can be shortened for a better look. Tea-length wedding dresses are popular for many reasons. They are versatile, flattering overall body types and can be worn up or down. They are also famous for summer weddings, as they are airy and lightweight. 

  1. Fit and flared wedding dress

When it comes to wedding dresses, there are many different shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from. But what if you want something stylish and comfortable? A fit-and-flare wedding dress is the best option! This type of dress has a flattering and flared skirt designed to go in and out of your body. Also, the fabric is usually stretched to embrace your curves in all the right places. Further, the retro style of a fit and flare wedding dress is always popular with wedding guests!

  1. Column wedding dresses

If you like the column wedding dress idea but are unsure which style to go for, then don’t worry! There is a range of wedding dresses available in different columns so that you can find them according to your personality and style. 

One of the most popular column wedding dresses is the A-line wedding dress. This style is beautiful and timeless and can be worn on many occasions. A-line wedding dresses are usually worn to give you a slimming effect. Choose a column wedding dress with a tool skirt if you prefer a more elegant look.