Delhi, the capital of India, is famous for its superb street food, metro, slang language, and religious monuments that hold the ground with their charming appeal.

The capital also has a special significance in the history of Sikhism. It was the seat of power for the Sikhs during their heyday.

It is one of the few unique places because, over time, five of the ten great gurus have sanctified Delhi with their visits. There are 1000s of Historical Gurudwaras all over the world. And Delhi alone, has the most beautiful and historically important gurdwaras.

Although you have heard of these gurdwaras as they have now become tourist attractions, food hotspots (near them), and quiet escape in our bustling city. But did you know that history is associated with all these famous holy places? 

Here, I have mentioned the 4 most visited gurudwaras in Delhi. Whenever you go to Dehli, please have a look at them:

Gurdwara Bangla Sahib:

It is one of the most attractive yatras for Sikhs in the city. It is built on the site where Sri Guru Har Krishna Ji spent many months. This was also when smallpox spread worldwide, so Guru Sahib dipped his holy foot in water and poured nectar into a small tank (tank), and whoever drank from this pool was cured of his disease. 

 This eighth Guru of the Sikhs is dedicated to every Krishna. Built-in 1783 by the eminent Sikh general Sardar Bhagal Singh, it has a huge body of water and beautiful carvings in the domes. The architectural miracle stands high in central Delhi, near Delhi’s most famous church and the Hanuman Temple. Even today, people from far-off places visit it to dip in the water here, hoping to cure all their physical ailments.

Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib:

It is believed that the ninth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Tigh Bahadur, was beheaded here. Hence, the term ‘sis’ translates as ‘head.’ It was built in 1783 by Sikh military leader Bagheel Singh and is visited by devotees from all over the country and from far and wide india holiday destinations.

Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib is a highly revered place of worship for Sikhs due to the example of Guru Tigh Bahadur Singh, who highlighted the importance of steadfastness in religious beliefs and defense of the community as a whole.

Gurudwara Nanak Piao Sahib:

This gurudwara is built on the site where Guru Nanak Dev Ji had set up his camp in 1505 during the reign of Alexander Shah Lodhi. Guru Nanak Dev Ji took great pleasure in serving the needy and his male disciples. This is because, during the stay of Guru Ji, he started providing food and water to the passersby holiday places in india. 

The two even built a well to supply water to all who passed by, making it a popular destination. Piao literally means to present something to drink.

Gurudwara Baba Banda Singh Bahadur:

In his timeless verses, Rabindranath Tagore has documented the bravery of the martyr. Guru’s 4-year-old son was killed among his 40 followers. He was persecuted like Jesus, but nothing stopped his faith. With a beautiful view of Qutub Minar, it is one of the most famous gurdwaras in Delhi. During Vaishakhi, 30,000 people visit this place for a great festival india holiday destinations.

This Gurdwara is dedicated to Guru Banda Singh Bahadur Ji. The Mughals are thought to have tortured and killed Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, his son Ajay Singh, as well as forty other Sikhs here. This place was created in his memory to commemorate his tireless bravery holiday places in india.


So these are the four must-visit Historical Gurudwaras in Dehli. So whenever you visit Delhi, don’t miss to visit there, as these gurudwaras depict the Sikh’s history. 

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