These amazing ways to preserve your traveling mementos keep you going in your busy days until a new adventure unfolds. And it is very important for every traveler to remember the travel memories whether by taking lots of photos, or collecting sovereigns.
Travel enthusiasts believe in “Collect Memories, not things.” Travelling gives them a sense of fulfillment and adds meaning to their life. But travel joys and experiences are fleeting; they pass as quickly as a flash. So, all you need is a physical keepsake of the traveling adventures to feel the same adrenaline rush you had during your traveling days. Read on to find some exciting and creative ways to preserve the best moments from your travel to cherish for a lifetime best destinations in india for holiday.

Create a Travel Scrapbook
What better way to preserve your traveling mementos than a travel scrapbook? Scrapbooks look pretty cool when they are done. You will be amazed at how delightful it is to see those mundane receipts and tickets in the scrapbook as traveling mementos. Scrapbook is always a big deal because you won’t forget the names and whereabouts of the places you visited even after the years.

You can add the following items in the scrapbook to make it more tickle than just a visual memory.
● Photographs
● Travel tickets
● Food receipts
● Travel maps

Put your Wanderlust on a Wall
Another unique and creative way of reliving your travels is turning a bare wall of your home into your wanderlust worship place. You can post a scratch map or pushpin map on it. Whenever you visit a new country or city, put a pushpin on a particular place on the map as a mark of commemoration.

You can also go big and dramatic by inserting dates and the duration of your travels. Also, you can convert this wanderlust wall into your wanderlust gallery with travel photographs, snapshots, and postcards.
Send Postcards to Yourself
Sending postcards to yourself could be another novel way to commemorate travels and a fairly cheaper one. All you have to pay is the cost of a postcard and postage. Send it to your address to have something to look forward to when back home. But be sure not to buy generic and boring postcards.

Now, you can send your photos as physical postcards. There are some apps like “Daily Postcard” that let you send postcards from your smartphone or laptop from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world best destinations in india for holiday.
Make Travel Videos
Recording video clips of the special traveling moments will breathe life into your travel memories. Take advantage of the technology, grab your smartphone and make videos of all the fun you had at your traveling destination. Only pictures would not be enough to record how tricky and tiresome was the hiking track and the sense of accomplishment and excitement after reaching the top.
If you have a lot of videos, it’ll be a good idea to compile all the videos into a short movie. So you can watch the thrill of your traveling anytime at the comfort of your home.
Blog Your Travel Moments
Blogging is a great way to share travel ideas and tips with like-minded people. If you can play with words and take good pictures, then you can run a travel blog. Open your laptop and start writing about your travel experiences whenever you find free time.
Write down everything, don’t leave out even the minor details about the trip indian famous places list. Share in the form of a story. Don’t forget to make the content engaging, interesting, and SEO-friendly if you want to earn from your travel blog too. The money you earn through your blog can further be invested to explore new traveling destinations.

Personal Travel Journal

Some people don’t want to share every detail of their traveling experience publicly indian famous places list. In this case, you can commemorate your traveling memory by writing your travel experiences in a personal journal. So you can read them whenever you want to cherish the memory of your dream traveling destination. It will be like your personal diary for pouring all your thoughts and experiences.
Buy Travel Necklace and State Rings
Another cool way to cherish your travels is by buying yourself a travel necklace and state rings. You can get these necklaces from the stalls present at famous traveling spots. This idea is handy for those people who enjoy wearing jewelry. This way, you keep on adding state-rings in the necklace every time you visit a new state. With time, the number of state rings increases.
I preferably love this idea of collecting travel memories because it allows me to carry my travel mementos with me every time. Every ring reminds me of different traveling adventures. With these fantastic ideas to preserve your memories, you can be carefree that your precious traveling memories are safe and will last forever. If you have other ideas to commemorate travels, you’re welcome to share them in the comments below.

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