Although it is a small country, experiences in the United Emirates are unique and can’t be found somewhere else. Having appeared in the Guinness book of the world records severally, there is a range of incredible and unforgettable things you can do here. The following are top incredible experiences that you’ll never forget in this amazing destination: 

Desert safari tour 

Although it’s one of Dubai’s most common tourist tours, desert safaris guarantee you exceptional experiences. Safaris describe thy early life experiences in the united emirates before the skyscrapers and massive projects. The tour includes dune bashing, which is not for the pessimist. So don’t overfeed before jumping in car.  

You’ll then watch the stunning sunset views from the desert, and you’ll finally explore the replica Bedouin camp. Here, you’ll be entertained with belly dancing shows, enjoy a traditional Arabic barbecue, traditional Emirati dress, shisha, and more. 

The quickest roller coaster in the world

For adrenaline enthusiasts visiting the United Emirates, there is no exiting experience beyond riding Formula Rosa in the Ferrari field. This amazing indoor park has the fastest roller coaster in the world. The formula roller has a top speed of 240km/hr. The park itself is an incredible view that you may love to see over and over again. 

Ghost town experience 

This is only for the bravest visitors. The ghost town is a long-time abandoned village that exists in ruins. The town’s real name is Jzirat Al Hamra, and it existed in the 14th century. The town is believed to be the home of Jinns, which are remarkable figures in Islamic and Arabic folklore.

The Al Jazirat Al Hamra is surrounded by many urban myths. However, the most common is that visitors can see jinns in the shape of animals. Since the village hosts a wide range of wild goats, it can easily be spooked india trip.     

Astonishing sunset views from the world’s largest artificial island

The Palm Jumeirah is the largest artificial island in the world. The island features a palm-shaped archipelago that spreads from the shores to the sea. Additionally, it features some of the best restaurants and hotels in the city. However, many folks don’t know that this is the best destination in the city to watch the sunset from.

From this island, you can enjoy the view of the sea and the sunset, making it a special destination for honeymooners and one of the best places in the United Emirates.

The Cuisine 

The United Emirates is a wonderland ready to satiate your taste buds. There are many different meals you can indulge in. the United Emirates cuisine is significantly based on meat, dairy, and grain.

The following are the most popular foods you can try:


Perhaps this is the most common food in the United Emirates and its everywhere in the city. It consists of Chicken fillets and an amazing marinade with garlic, coriander, cumin, paprika, and many other ingredients that gives the meat a mouth-watering taste. 


Sliced meat, fried onions, spices, lemon, etc., from a great combination of foodies. It is a meal you should try if you find yourself in the united emirates. 


Humus is everywhere today, and it is easy to get. However, if you want a quality traditional experience with humus, you should not miss trying out Hummus india trip. 

Stuffed camel 

This is an intricacy prepared in the United Emirates, and for sure, it is unique. It is people’s favorite, and it would be a bad idea not to try it. The dish is available in excess, allowing you to share it with your loved ones.     

The bottom line 

Experiences in the United Emirates is a combination of various traditional experiences. The city has everything to give an unforgettable experience.

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